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Pentone Scouse

Pentone Scouse

Go 'ed, buy it you divvy. 

English fine bone china, hand-decorated in the UK, dishwasher and microwave-proof.

Text reads:
go 'ed you divvy he's gorra right cob on brassic out there tara love gob on her like the Mersey tunnel going down the ozzy get meself some new trabs down the Asda boss sound deffo ar' ey no need gorra welly on me 'ead do one soft lad wouldn't do that for a big clock all antwacky like me mam's down the chippy geggin' in who knitted your face and dropped a stitch tell her you might as well tell the Echo in a bit la 

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12 GBP + postage
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UK: £2.50; EU: £5.50; Rest of the world: £8.50