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Pentone Yorkshire

Pentone Yorkshire

A reet good mug. Perfect with Yorkshire Tea. Or simply a nice way to patronise a northern friend.

English fine bone china, hand-decorated in the UK, dishwasher and microwave-proof.

Text reads:
nah then lad where's tha bin aye god's own country ey up shurrup bloomin' 'eck born in't barn put t'wood in t'ole sit thissen dahn an' tell me abaht it chuffin' nora tha daft apeth it's either nowt or summat put t' kettle on t' ob an' let's 'ave a brew allus tek t' pot to t' kettle and not t' kettle to t' pot mind lerrit mash nah girrit a stir or ah'll gi' thee a thick ear any road that's champion an ah'll tell thi that fer nowt 

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